The situation on our planet is urgent. All around us are the signs of a civilization falling apart.

Where can you turn for explanations and SOLUTIONS?

There are some remarkable answers emerging from the Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical Colleges. And that’s what you can explore here in our resource library.

Getting to the root of the problems and exploring the practical steps necessary to solve them.

Here’s everything you need for a deep understanding of the human being and society.

Our main purpose is to help the human being return to the paradise he has left behind, a paradise which continues here, waiting for our return.

Norberto Keppe


Welcome to a probing analysis of the inversions in economics, and some thoughts on how to put it right.


There is a deep thirst inside us all to understand our spirituality, and if we do not consider this, we suffer.


Cutting through the noise and misinformation, the hurt and pain, to capture the truth of love and relationships.

Keppe Motor

This highly efficient motor doesn’t work on Newton or Einstein. This is a real New Physics.

Mental Health

The wisdom in Analytical Trilogy offers real hope to anyone coping with our stressful and inverted society.

Trilogical Science

For the first time, an integrated scientific vision of the human being and the universe we live in.

Trilogical Society

Challenging the system that gives some everything while millions go without. A solution to social injustice and economic imperialism.

Pathology of Power

Exploitation. Enslavement. Blatant injustice. It’s far from a pretty picture on Earth these days. The way out is outlined in Keppe’s incisive critique about the pathology of power, Liberation of the People. Some choice excerpts are here.