Exploitation. Enslavement. Blatant injustice. It’s far from a pretty picture on Earth these days. The way out is outlined in Keppe’s incisive critique about the pathology of power, Liberation of the People. Some choice excerpts are here.

The Sociology of Power

“The purpose of my book is to make people conscious of the fact that they are dominated by individuals who are sick, paranoid, cowardly and corrupt.” Now that’s what we call an explosive intro.

STOP TV – Program #144

Keppe lays out his view of how politics should be structured so it really is government of the people for the people by the people.

The Sociopathology of Power

Not only are the Latin Americans, Africans, some Asians and even some Europeans under the control of U.S. power. The American people themselves are – but they simply don’t know it.

The Psychosociopathology of Power

A Hitler, a Stalin, a Pol Pot could never achieve power and endanger humankind if society were more Trilogical. Meaning more conscious of his theomania. A fundamental Keppean discovery is outlined and explained more here.

The Media in Power

We’re bombarded with information. Data, facts, analysis upon analysis. But it’s very difficult to determine what’s actually going on. Why that is … is explained here.

A Profile of the Powerful

Our distorted and delinquent society is simply a reflection of those who have seized control of power and act constantly to crush our normal human dreams and ideals. Reading this book can bring the consciousness to change that.


Trilogical Sociology

The good news is that Liberation of the People explores not only what’s wrong, but proposes some fascinating and workable solutions. More here.


True Power

Money? Fame? Beautiful wrinkle-free skin? Nowhere near what it takes to have true power. A chapter that goes deep to the heart of the human dilemma here.


The Trilogical Society

Working to build a society where the individual is prevented from expressing his sickness so much. How to do that without sparking fears of dictatorship? Find out what that’s all about here.


Trilogical Enterprises

A powerful answer to the corporate profit motive that so dominates our world today. Practical, workable, profitable. And good for society. Read more here.


A Message to Young People

I would like to speak especially to the young people, to the students and workers, who carry within them the richest ideals, and who believe that they can do much to help mankind. Read more here.

TV Programs:

Keppe and Pacheco have been conducting socio-therapy for decades through their award-winning community access TV program, which is broadcast in more that 20 countries worldwide. One of their most discussed topics is the pathology of power.


Interview with Journalist Richard Jones one week after 9/11:

A day marked in infamy for people around the world. And difficult to get our heads around. Keppe brings his incisive intelligence to this here:


STOP TV – Program #364

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely is how Lord Acton phrased it all those years ago. Keppe’s view is more expansive.

TWSEH Podcast:

A Psychoanalysis of Society

Neurosis. Sado-masochistic behavior. Schizo-paranoid personalities. They’re not just for individuals anymore. Now we can see them in entire nations. Even historical periods. Listen here: http://somebodyelseshead.wordpress.com/2007/02/16/a-psychoanalysis-of-society/


The Pathology of Power

While the rest of us are out working and raising families and coaching Little League baseball teams, the sickest among us are dedicating their lives to gaining control over everything else. Listen to more here: http://somebodyelseshead.wordpress.com/2007/03/31/the-pathology-of-power/


Humanity’s Core Problem Explained

What really makes the human being tick is well understood in Norberto Keppe’s science of Analytical Trilogy. We’ll give you an exclusive look inside the human psyche in this program. Listen here: http://somebodyelseshead.wordpress.com/2008/02/19/humanitys-core-problem-explained/