by Norberto R Keppe

Both space and time transcend the sensory universe. In fact, this is so much so that without knowledge of this extra sensorial dimension it is impossible to understand anything. Science shouldn’t deal only with what is obvious, so why has it rejected thought and even theodicy1? We have arrived at a time where we are moving beyond a fossilized, purely academic way of seeing things and opening the doors to freedom for the human race. We are tired of remaining shackled in small ideas inside such an immense world. I am inviting the new physicists not to be so ashamed of speaking of God, the most immense Being of all, and to leave behind the mediocrity in which they have placed themselves. The new Trilogical physicists must avoid sinking to such levels of absurdity as validating the works of academics who are paralyzed in time and space. If they do not, they should prepare themselves for the shame they will feel when they face the Being who created everything, including themselves.
In all the sciences, especially Physics, which ought to be the king of all sciences, it is ridiculous how each researcher follows the mistakes of others, thereby adopting a stance that is as incorrect as the one who inspired him. For example, George Gamow (1904-1968) hypothesized about the remanence of heat2 that occurred during the Big Bang and continues to exist in space at a temperature of –270 degrees Celsius.
The scientific belief that things form themselves the way smaller waves form bigger ones (The Encyclopedia of Visual Sciences, London “Time and Space” pg. 52) shows the extreme theomania of the human being in believing that humans are gods able to determine whether or not something can exist, including their own lives and even the Creator. This is why they persist in trying to invent a perpetual motion machine so they can give life to inanimate objects.
The concept of time travel is based on the idea that we can capture the minds of the past and future. However I believe that the energy of the past remains in space and our minds can capture bits of it, whether indirectly from people, books and thoughts, or directly from ideas emitted by the geniuses and saints of the past. Indeed, one of the qualities of scalar energy is its ability to conserve true and precious elements within its structure because they are transcendent and eternal and in accordance with Divine thought and feeling. What is truthful will last forever and will be recuperated at Resurrection.


1 – Relativism proves the existence of the Absolute as it is contingent and merely a piece of the Absolute. What the human being has done is imprison time within clocks and space within yardsticks, thereby turning both into sensory elements that separate them from their true significance. After all, it is not merely within time that the mind perceives movement from the past and future, but because space has an inaccessible dimension, Man no longer sees anything beyond a certain distance and thus develops delusional hypotheses for the most part. Let’s say that time and space are similar to the scaled down reality that the ears can hear, the eyes can see and the taste and touch can perceive, and that we have imprisoned ourselves within four small walls. Even with expanded perception, we will never perceive all the available splendor because this is much more in the transcendental realm than our imagination can capture. When we hear a melody or contemplate a painting, when we catch a scent of perfume or savor a food, when we reach for the universe that extends in front of us, we feel a magic there that is beyond space and time, for we live within a much greater dimension that the one into which we have boxed ourselves. This is the sole reason we no longer participate in this immeasurable world even while we live within it.
2 – The magnetic induction remaining in a magnetized substance no longer under external magnetic influence.