The Fundamental Mistake in Physics Is of the Equation of Energy with Matter

Excerpt taken from the book ” The New Physics Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics” by Norberto R. Keppe, pages. 13- 15.

I believe that the greatest and most fundamental mistake made by physicists is the idea that energy derives from matter, leading Einstein to make one equivalent with the other in his famous formula E = mc2 (Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared). He reasoned: if the mass of a body increases with speed, and motion is a form of kinetic energy, then an increase in mass would cause a proportional increase in energy. Note that Einstein reasoned erroneously in believing that energy is a byproduct of matter.

Physics commits the same mistake as Darwin’s evolutionism, Adam Smith’s capitalism, Marx’s socialism and Freud’s psychopathology. In short, modern science has been practicing this form of reasoning since it broke with its metaphysical foundations. To clarify: contemporary thought has stopped following a logical sequence in analyzing the facts, as if everything comes from nothing and specifically that energy originates from matter If this were the case, where, then, would matter come from?

There is a misconception here, because everything that exists comes from somewhere, and this element is energetic. Through resonance, this energetic element not only gives origin to matter, but sustains it permanently in the space and time within which it was created. We must not forget that the quality of resonance determines whether the composition of the element is of a superior or inferior order.

Aharonov and Bohm called this fundamental (scalar) energy “quantum potentials,” inspired by Aristotle’s inverted metaphysics and his study of potency and existence, as if the latter came from the former. In my last book Trilogical Metaphysics volume II, first edition, pages 15, 16 and 17, chapter 1, “The Science of Physics reflects the Psychopathology of the Physicists,” I clarify this subject, showing that the classic theory of electromagnetism ∇ x A = B (operator Nabla [ ∇] times the vector magnetic potential [A] is equal to the vector magnetic flux density [B]) is erroneous (inverted) because it establishes that electromagnetic energy [ B] comes from something inferior [ A].

The definitions of scientific phenomena are extremely restrictive because they focus only on what can be seen in the moment, without searching for a cause or meaning; I believe that it is impossible to practice science without knowing the phenomena behind it, and these phenomena are found in philosophy and theology as well. Modern science has made even greater mistakes than the “philosophers” and “theologians” of the Middle Ages because it has separated the fundamental and deep elements of knowledge from philosophy and theology. Today, the scientist observes a phenomenon and comes up with an explanation out of his own head, which sometimes makes no sense whatsoever and often eliminates the previous causes which truly  determined the fact in the first place. In Physics, this led its practitioners to elaborate superficial theories, most of which have nothing to do with reality.

The confusion caused by Einstein when he equated matter with energy has greatly reduced the understanding of these phenomena in Physics,especially those regarding electricity. Einstein replaced the term quantum, created by Planck, with the term photon, which would be a unit that is half matter and half energy. In my research I believe this phenomenon is a direct result of scalar energy transformed into a palpable force – an element coming from energy. The burning of wood explains very well how matter can release the energy that forms it (an extra material element) as if it were a kind of soul that comprises it. Fire is energetically much stronger than firewood, and as we know, the inferior comes from the superior, and not the contrary. Similarly, in an atomic explosion we note that the released energy is much greater than the enriched uranium.

On page 34 of Neil Ardley’s Dictionary of Science we read that “many of the atoms that make up your body were once part of a distant star that exploded long ago.” This is an inverted idea. To the contrary, the mass which forms not only our bodies but also matter is formed continuously by a constant energy which continuously creates billions of atoms per second. The physicist has the unique privilege of being able to observe in his laboratory the beginning of such a momentous event. This includes being able to see through his electron microscope the building blocks of matter. This is evidence of our connection to Aristotle’s so called primary First Mover through essential scalar energy. It is clear that any motion, such as simple natural or artificial light, demonstrates this phenomenon.