The Psychological is the Most Divine Thing that Exists in Creation

From The Divine Kingdom, by Norberto Keppe

I can assert that the psychological life by itself is divine, which is why it has been so disregarded. Note that Freud himself thought that the human being created enormous obstacles to manifesting his total splendor. Freud called these obstacles the “unconscious.”

It was the great pre-Socratic thinker, Parmenides, who showed us that knowledge came directly from above, from the spiritual realm, and not from the senses. Still, modern society is intent on following Aristotle’s theories because of its envy and resistance to divine good.

 Aristotle’s idea that we are rational animals appears to be wrong.

 Why do you think this?

 I believe that we are closer to angels than to animals.

 In this case, we are more human angels.

What exists at the superior psychological level is something so incredible that it’s difficult for  us to have a complete idea of what we really are, and this is why the great psychoanalysts like Jung and Igor Caruso (not just Freud) caught a glimpse of this fascinating universe that had never been explored. The only problem was these scientists thought this universe resided in a deep personal or collective unconscious rather than that it is actually a gigantic and formidable consciousness that is at our disposal.

 As a psychoanalyst, I have the impression that outside Analytical Trilogy all the psychotherapies that exist are more processes of physiotherapy.

 Why do you think this?

 Because all of them treat more the sensorial life, like sex, food and money

As the human being will exist forever, his passage through this world will also be remembered eternally – meaning either the good or the evil he accomplished. Just as before his birth he had no perception of himself so after will he never more forget himself.

 I see that in my past I only complained about life and only now am I being grateful.

 In this case, only now are you living because you didn’t accept living before.

 That’s true. What I didn’t accept, I didn’t live.

The human being needs to conscientize that he only truly possesses what he accepts and if he doesn’t take advantage of what he possesses now it’s because he never accepted the past and will also never accept what he has in the future.

 I never thought that I was spiritual.

 What are you saying?

 I always thought I was more materialistic that I am, but now I see that I am more spiritual.

Since we began to exist we have been in the divine and have had total intuition that this was so. And by the way, our existence cannot be seen otherwise since we have an internal process that shows us this.