Strange as it may seem, there is actually precious little true psychology being practiced in the world today. Most psychological techniques treat the person’s biology or physical aspects. Or they deal only with the social issues of family and culture. Keppe has achieved something extraordinary in his psychology: a methodology and theoretical platform that treats the human being’s inner life, or the life of the soul. There are many resources available psychoanalyst societies in Austria consider Keppe’s Analytical Trilogy to be years ahead of the psychological worldview today.

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Importance of Living a Psychological Life

“We are what we don’t know about ourselves,” asserts Keppe after 50 years of clinical research. So what’s going on below the surface of our consciousness is vitally important.

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Analysis of Depression

It affects more and more of us today. But its roots lie much less in our chemicals being out of whack than in our psychological lives. That brings great hope for finding solutions without drugs. Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head.

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Disease Originates from Psychological Factors

In fact, the Universe is in vibration and any disturbance of resonance with this alters these vibrations. That means our emotional lives are the factor that causes disturbance or harmony. Disease, then, both individual and social, is internal — not external.

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Up to the present day, all psychotherapy has actually been far from psychological. That changes with Keppe’s Analytical Trilogy.

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“We are what we don’t know about ourselves,” asserts Keppe after 50 years of clinical research. So what’s going on below the surface of our consciousness is vitally important.

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Most schools of psychotherapy don’t focus on the cause of neurosis coming from the psychological inner life of the person as Keppe does. For Keppe, our problems are psychological and metaphysical, not physical or organic.

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The inner life of the human being – immense, eternal, profoundly rich. And divine. Doesn’t that make you want to learn more?

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At the beginning of the twentieth century scientists believed that humanity could rid itself of criminals and obsessions simply by changing its genes. Lombroso, an Italian researcher, speculated about the possibility of there being what he called an “innate criminal” (genetically predetermined). One need merely alter our genes and the Earth would become populated by angelic creatures!

Our free will is our greatest enemy. This is shocking because we haven’t yet perceived that we are inverted, meaning we do the opposite of what we should. With those provocative words, Keppe begins a long overdue scientific analysis of human freedom and the will.

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People generally believe that glory comes from pathological behavior, which is why a powerful individual who wages war and exploits people is admired, while the person who truly helps others is considered weak and a failure. More on this provocative thought here. More on this provocative thought here.

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We can see clearly how human beings oppose others. War, projection, blame – all come from finger pointing. But we are actually guiltier of attacking ourselves? How does that work?

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Every Problem is Created by Man

Keppe completely overturns Freud’s erroneous ideas about the unconscious in this article. And gives us hope. If we create our problems by making ourselves blind to the real causes, then we can also reverse that and return to goodness.

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Hard to believe, but no one in history has ever done an in-depth analysis of the human will. Until Dr. Keppe. And as it turns out, we’re not as free to do whatever we want as we thought. More in this Podcast.

“Hell is the other people,” is how Jean-Paul Sartre termed it. And we complicity agree when we point our fingers at bosses or spouses or even terrorists. But all of this finger pointing indicates an enormous psychological ignorance. We’ll explore that today on HTC.

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Neuroscientists study the brain looking for its source. Human potential specialists spout banal homilies to inspire it. Those who rely on their talent to survive wonder at its ephemeral nature. Today we explore talent and its connection to narcissism.

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We go deeper into fear and anxiety today. Consciousness, Dr. Keppe has said, is always good. Even consciousness of our problems. In fact, especially those. Our Podcast looks a little more at fear and anxiety.

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Keppe’s work provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of the psychological and social causes of our myriad problems, as well as the tools to solve them. The end result, then, is to vastly improve the quality of life of all human beings, the society we live in and the planet as a whole. His perception of the problem of “inversion “as the central cause of all human illnesses (organic, psychological and social) brings a total new horizon for the 3rd Millennium.

Dr. Claudia Pacheco author of “Women on the Couch” discusses female psychopathology.

STOP the Destruction of the World Program

In fact, the Universe is in vibration and any disturbance of resonance with this alters these vibrations. That means our emotional lives are the factor that causes disturbance or harmony. Disease, then, both individual and social, is internal — not external.

STOP the Destruction of the World Program

The myriad of environmental and human rights groups worldwide haven’t been able to stop our destruction. This program looks at why we haven’t yet, and what we need to do to begin stopping the destruction of our planet.

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The Origin of Illness: Psychological, Physical, Social

Norberto R. Keppe

“I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Keppe about the factors that create disease and prevent true healing. If we adopt the therapeutic suggestions contained here, we, our families and our society will experience healthier and more joyful lives.”
Bernie Siegel, M.D. and author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Prescriptions for Living

In this provocative book, Keppe shows how the keystone of mental, physical and social illness is our unconscious resistance to goodness, truth and beauty, and as a result, a battle is waged both within us and against others. Richly illustrated with examples taken from more than 30 years of clinical research, Keppe uncovers the real reasons we undermine our health, stifle our talents and sabotage our success.

This book will help you: a) Learn the principles that have helped heal so many people around the world, b) Gain resourcefulness and resilience, c) Become a happier, healthier, more balanced person, d) Open the door to a brighter future for yourself and those you love.

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Norberto R. Keppe

In this highly therapeutic book, with a special skill that is both highly advanced and curative, Keppe deals with neurosis and the anxiety that afflicts everyone today.

Keppe’s dialectical approach to the age-old questions of reality and fantasy, denial and acceptance, good and evil, love and hate, has resulted in the first true unification of science, philosophy and theology – the answer to human suffering.

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Healing Through Consciousness – Theomania: The Cause of Stress

Claudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco

Based on clinical observations and extensive bibliographical research, the author, a psychoanalyst, shares her unique observations about the mind-body connection. Stress taxes the immune system and makes us sick. But the worst stress comes not from outside but from inside of us.

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Women on the Couch: An Analysis of Female Psychopathology

Claudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco

This uniquely perceptive and clear-cut scientific evaluation of today’s woman analyzes the social and psychological reality of women and their struggle for true liberation. The book is based on the author’s first-hand experience with hundreds of clinical cases and reveals, in practical terms, how through greater awareness of their psycho-pathological attitudes, women can achieve genuine fulfillment and lasting happiness.

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Revealing the Power of Consciousness: The Handbook of Analytical Trilogy

Claudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco

Every once in awhile, a book comes along that offers an essential contribution to our troubled world.

This is just such a book.

Revealing the Power of Consciousness is a profound journey into the Trilogical science developed by Norberto R. Keppe. If you’ve ever wondered why things seem to be going so wrong on our beautiful planet – and more importantly, what you need to learn improve it – you need to read this book.

Inside, you’ll find a wealth of wisdom that will help you:
• Understand why putting the senses above our spirituality has been one of our biggest mistakes
• Explore the true cause of illness
• Develop the power of going within to resolve problems
• Why the censorship of consciousness is so destructive to our growth and development
• Control the powerful contrary force we all have inside us that impedes our success
• Become conscious of how our attitudes affect even our DNA
• Why it is so important to do good and help others
• Edited from scores of transcripts taken from Dr. Claudia Pacheco’s international teleclasses, this book will immerse you in consciousness, positive energy and the beauty and depth of Norberto Keppe’s science of Analytical Trilogy.

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