Dr. Cláudia Pacheco

Cláudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco has been a psychoanalyst and writer for over thirty years. In addition to her work as the founder and president of the International Stop the Destruction of the World Association, she is also the vice-president of ISAT (the International Society of Analytical Trilogy) in São Paulo, Brazil, and the editor of the Journal of Integral Psychoanalysis (www.editoraproton.com.br).

She has organized and chaired many international conferences in Europe, and North and South America.

Together with Dr. Keppe, she founded the American branch of the International Society of Analytical Trilogy in New York in 1983, where she was active as the society’s president until leaving the U.S. for Europe in 1988.

In 1990, she created the Institut Supérieur de Psychanalyse Intégrale – École Norberto Keppe, with headquarters in Paris and affiliated branches in London, Lucca, Moscow, Stockholm, Helsinki and Lisbon. The Institute was formed to develop lectures and courses based on the work of Norberto Keppe. She also founded and published Savoir c’est Pouvoir, a free scientific-cultural magazine which was distributed in Paris and many other French cities for several years.

Dr. Pacheco’s extensive research and clinical practice with clients from all over the world have culminated in several books, including her best-seller, Healing Through Consciousness: Theomania and Stress.