Analytical Trilogy unifies science, philosophy, and theology

It is essential that human beings understand the primary cause of the destruction of our world. Because we are the only living beings who act against nature, mass consciousness of this psychological issue is fundamental, for this is what gives origin to all our other problems – social, economic, ecological, etc. Our unconscious Inversion causes us to choose destruction rather than health and well being. Without an understanding of this psychological reality, we can do nothing to save ourselves. Our destructive technology has been developed to such a degree that we are today on the brink of destroying ourselves and our planet.

This is why it is urgent for individuals and organizations to cooperate in helping to preserve life and civilization — governments, schools, churches, media outlets, NGOs, community and activist groups and all other people of good will must collaborate if we’re to have any chance of saving our world.

The mission of the STOP the Destruction of the World Association is to provide consciousness of the root causes of human and social illness and offer therapy based on the Analytical Trilogy science of psycho-socio pathology to heal them

The origin of the destruction of the world

How envy destroys the life on our planet