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Help for Veterans

The Stop the Destruction of the World Association can help North American Veterans with their mental/spiritual health.

Tragically, many of the brave men and women who have provided military, police, fire and ambulatory services during times of conflict are unable to find adequate resources to assist them in healing.  Dr. Norberto Keppe's methodology is very effective at treating psychological difficulties resulting from service, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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A Call to Action

Essential viewing for the 99%

The world's economic crisis: a warning from 1984 that we didn't listen to. Now we have a second chance. Highlights. (Watch)

Everything you need to know to create change is in this insightful video. Way back in 1984, psychoanalyst and social scientist, Norberto Keppe, was pointing out the roots of the problem and laying out clear solutions. Powerful, revolutionary and, 40 years later, still profoundly relevant. 

Dr. Norberto Keppe, Liberation of the People presentation at Columbia University - New York City, October 14, 1984.

Watch full lecture here


Introducing the Keppe Motor

What is the Keppe Motor?

The Keppe Motor is a highly efficient electromagnetic resonance motor. It was developed by researchers, Cesar Soós and Roberto Frascari of the STOP the Destruction of the World Association, based on Dr. Norberto Keppe’s new physics principles as outlined in his book, The New Physics Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics, first published in France in 1996. 

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STOP Radio Network

The Science of Real Problem Solving

Read the literature about complex problem solving and you're in for a challenging read. System structure and dynamics, facets of intelligence, positive and negative dependencies. It's mind-numbing stuff that seeks to concretize often abstract what if scenarios so popular in corporate planning departments or government games theory laboratories...

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The Science of Real Problem Solving.

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The Stop Radio Network features the groundbreaking radio program, Thinking with Somebody Else's Head! 



Hosted by Canadian journalist Richard Lloyd Jones and Brazilian social scientist and psychoanalyst Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco, Thinking with Somebody Else's Head goes deep into the most critical issues facing our world today. Essential listening for the 99%!

Thinking with Somebody Else's Head is also available as a podcast on itunes. Also be sure to check out the show’s vast archives on the STOP Radio Network website.

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Keppe Motor Wins Grand Prize

Keppe Motor wins Outstanding Innovation & Technology Product Award at the Hong Kong Electronics Industry Association (HKEIA) trade show. HONG KONG, CHINA – October 13, Read More