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Healing Terrorism

What Keppe proposes in his far-reaching science is, quite simply, a solution to the fundamental human problem, which is that we act in contradiction to our essence and, therefore, we act against life. This goes to the root of the issue.

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A Christmas Message


A beautiful excerpt from the book Glorification, by Norberto Keppe. To purchase a copy please visit our bookstore here.

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Illness Lies in Our Resistance to Consciousness

This distinction Keppe makes in this excerpt from his book, The Origin of Illness, is the key to resolving the problem of the psychological and sociological pathology of humanity.

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Introducing the Keppe Motor

What is a Keppe Motor?

The Keppe Motor is a highly efficient motor that uses the principle of electromagnetic resonance to optimize its efficiency. It was developed by two Brazilian researchers, Carlos Cesar Soós and Roberto Heitor Frascari of the STOP the Destruction of the World Association, based on the discoveries of the Brazilian scientist Norberto da Rocha Keppe, set forth in his book “The New Physics Derived From A Disinverted Metaphysics,” first published in France, 1996.


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Keppe Motor Wins Grand Prize

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Keppe Motor on History Channel

Norberto Keppe, the scientist who created the new dis-inverted physics, has worked together with his engineering team, Cesar Soos and Roberto Frascari, to put into Read More


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